Rosemarie has been mentored by James MacNeil, James is one of the best profesional speakers in the world, had shared the stage with Les Brown, Raymond Aaron, Bob Proctor, Anthony Robins and much more, He had recorded the song “ Canto por La Paz”, English version “Song for peace”, with Rosemarie. “Canto por La Paz” is written by Jose Lucas who’s a song writer and singer, the song is produced by Glen Vargas, Rosemarie & James partnered up to sing the song in English version performing Rosemarie the finale part with James, and Spanish version sang by Rosemarie. The vision of the song is to bring awareness through the world about kids in wars zone and terrorism, many different singers around the wold are performing the song.


“Changing the pattern of Poverty”

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Rosemarie Sanchez

Who is she?

Rosemarie Sanchez was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1980, arrived in Canada at the age of 18 and had two suitcases, learning English, studying with a desire to excel as an immigrant, looking for hidden, fascinating new paths. Soon after her sisters and mother arrived in Toronto and built their own dreams; Her Grandmother, a woman who marked the history of her country and who wrote more than 30 books predicted that Rosemarie would be her successor. Without missing the opportunity; Rosemarie becomes a non-fiction writer for her upcoming book #BREAKTHROUGH which will be published in Spring 2019.

With the purpose of highlighting and an evidence of her life through experiences, in spite of everything, she determines to continue FORWARD and to be an Author that inspires many who want to break with their emotional and spiritual poverty, with concepts and strategies to help and get rid of the limits in the mind and financially. The book will be translated into Spanish and Portuguese, The book will be published on The prologue is written by Raymond Aaron who is among the 10 best authors of the NEW YORK TIMES. Rosemarie will be awarded for her book this year also.

Rosemarie is a professional singer performing CANTO POR LA PAZ, after an interview with journalist Gabriela Alcántar on, Rosemarie talks about her desire to help save lives as it’s the purpose of this song and decides to take a trip to Mexico with the intention of recording this beautiful song by James Macneil in English (chorus at the end of the song) and in Spanish alone. She debuted as a singer, on November 18/2018. Now, they are heard throughout the American Continent and part of the European Union very soon at the International level, because this is the project of José Lucas Brazilian Singer and song writer #CANTOPORLAPAZ; The President of ONG S.O.S peace organization, Carlos Antonio Silveira has appointed Rosemarie as The Executived Director of ONG S.O.S peace in Canada.

In summer 2016, Rosemarie made two scene with Matt Damon in the film named “Downsizing” directed by Alexander Payne and was released in Hollywood on December 2017 and Netflix on June 2018.

James MacNeil

Who is he?

James MacNeil is the author and founder of Verbal Aikido, Pure Spiritual Intelligence and DreamLife GPS. He is one of the most outstanding speakers in the world. He has addressed more than 2,000 live audiences and has shared the stage with mega brands such as Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Larry King, Bob Proctor, Steve Forbes, Rudy Giuliani, Robert Allen, Harv Eker. , and Sir Richard Branson.

Through his work on radio, television, corporate training programs and the world’s biggest venues, James has helped countless thousands of people around the world to adopt their best possible lives to be more, to do more, have more and give more.

James has helped major corporate brands such as RBC Dominion Securities, CIBC Wood Gundy and Scotia McLeod to enjoy the fastest path to sustainable growth through Advanced Emotional Intelligence and the Master of Pure Communications.

He debuted as a singer in October 2018 doing the English version of #cantoporlapaz on CDMX for the NGO SOS PEACE is an honor to be interpreted by MacNeil because the public that he has is very important also opens doors to people who speak that language and it will allow its diffusion in other countries like USA and England, that speak this language. The English version is accompanied by Rosemarie Sanchez at the end of the song giving to the public an exquisite piece that they will enjoy enormously … BRAVO James.

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