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# 1 International Best Seller Authors

Rosemarie Sánchez


Rosemarie Sánchez born in Caracas (Venezuela) and resides in Toronto (Canada). She is business and marketing coach, event production, audiovisual and logistics for entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors. She is co-founder of Sagas de Éxito and Universidad de Éxito

Analía Exeni


Analía Exeni born and lives in Argentina. She is the creator of the sistem Integral Management of Human Talentof the Analibro teaching system (systematized writing method of best sellers). Writer of 60 books with her authorship. Writers coach. She is co-founder of Sagas de Éxito and Universidad de Éxito

Sagas de Éxito 2020

101 award-winning authors

In 2020, "Sagas de Éxito" published 10 books and 6 sagas, in a record time of 9 months. They were published on Amazon in both spanish and english. A total of 101 authors were awared #1 International Best Sellers Authors. Do you want to be one of them? 

Books published on 2020

  • WHAT IS?

It is a specific and exclusive program for # 1 International Best Seller Authors with Sagas de Éxito. This program consist in coaching and mentoring for the develop of your goals; in the in the short, medium and long term. Therefore, we help you to developed you in the world of conferences and oratory. We guide you in the process of create a personal brand and working with social media.

  • DURATION: 4 days
  • TEACH: Rosemarie Sánchez y Analía Exeni
  • BENEFITS: Diplomas, Virtual Conferences, Exhibition
  • EXCLUSIVE PRICE: 150 USD (para estar dentro de las conferencias internacionales sino perteneces a Universidad de Éxito PRO)

Cada conferencia incluye expandir su marca personal y profesional, igualmente tu trascendencia como Autor galardonado Internacional Best Seller.

Tendrán una hora de atención personalizada para hacer un análisis completo de su marca y saber
que necesitan para expandirse internacionalmente. (se añade un costo adicional de necesitar está



«I am infinitely grateful to Analía and Rosemarie, for their affection, for their support, for their mentoring, for their flexibility. Because thanks to this team of wonderful women I am here today, writing my own book. "

«I am fascinated of what has happened to me. I worked my entire life at academic university and my dream had always been to write a book. When I met them I felt a euphoria, they gave me confidence from the beginning. Motivators."

Ximena Lagos Provoste

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